Hey hun, Im Robbie
I make paintings and things on paper.
I’m uploading my brain here.
Many years of professional animating, wow!
I like the vintage feel of email -- hi@robmckinstry.com
here’s more about meeeee.
booo instagram. xo

Hi again!
I’m an artist and freelance animator, I’m not sure why I feel the need to list the two separately. I studied animation at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne (2013-16). Since then I’ve been animating in studios, organisations, freelance, you name it! I’m now living and working in London, and have a personal studio you’re welcome to come visit anytime. I like working and not working, I like making pictures of boys and looking at art, games, anime etc... and for some work I’ll love you most of all!

p.s. if you just can’t get enough of my tumblr revival blog, here’s my RSS so you can subscribe and bypass social media together! :-D